No multi-media project is complete
without great audio.

Our in house studio will put the finishing touches on your video, white board,
or multi media project  with pristine sound, voice over, narration, mixing and composition.

Breaking Down the Mysteries of Sound…

Sound is a very complex and often overlooked component of any multi media project. 

The following, highly scientific info graphics, created by a lazy intern, will demonstrate: 


fig 1a. poor sound quality:

Low quality sound will reduce the impact of the project and leave the listener feeling disappointed.


fig 2a. Great sound:

Everyone’s happy and you will get invited to more parties.

Our Audio Services

Voice Over / Narration

  • In house voice over recording in our state of the art digital studio.

  • Access to many bilingual voice actors.

  • Soundtrack and sound design available.

  • Mobile recording setup.
mic 1

Location Recording

  • Mobile recording setup

  • Pristine location sound

  • Perfect sync to video

  • Flexible and adaptable configuration

Soundtrack / Sound design

  • Sound for picture

  • Composition

  • Access to studio musicians