Web Development

Your website is one of your most valuable and powerful assets. 

Create an effective website that engages, grows your brand, increases traffic, reduces bounce rate, and, when set up properly, can do the work of 10’s, 100’s or more people… 

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graphic design

Graphic Design

An image speaks a thousand words, but the right image says much more. 

Graphic design is a vital part of any business and should be  not only engaging, creative and memorable, but also functional. 

Let our award winning graphic designers work with you to define or enhance your brand and become instantly recognizable.

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whiteboard animation

Whiteboard Animation

There are few better ways to convey important messaging, create memorable e-learning programs, or present engaging proposals, than through the use of whiteboard animation. 

Our team specializes in creating engaging white board animations to enhance your presentations, raise the class average, or close the deal. 

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Whiteboard animation
person taking a tear off
Social Media

Social Media

When used properly social media is one of the most powerful tools in your company’s arsenal. 
The challenge is not only creating the right social strategy, but making sure it’s reaching the right people.

Our team will work with you to create a great social marketing strategy, find the perfect markets and times to post, and guide you through the challenges of finding the right voice for the right audience.

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No multi media project, presentation or campaign is complete without great photos.

Hangar 13 is committed to the highest quality photography concepts, execution and results.

Capture the essence of your brand, or your message with help from our expert photographers. 



Videos are a quick and effective way to get your brand’s message across in a captivating way.
More and more companies are opting to record event footage to have as either a marketing tool or simply as a way of
keeping useful data on websites.

It really is one of the best tools of communication, as more people can relate to a video message than any other form.



Hangar 13 houses a fully equipped audio production studio. 

Perfect for sound track work, voice overs, ADR, mixing and mastering.