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Fat Dog Productions / The Music Factory

Fat Dog Productions started out as a top-notch recording Studio that also promoted and developed musical talent, eventually branching out to create the Music Factory and the School of Recording Arts.

Fat Dog then branched out, running band camps for children, music lessons, different group programs for children and adults, offering sound engineering courses, and the list goes on. It was decided that they needed to create a separate entity to separate the recording and engineering offerings from the band programs and lessons, so the Music Factory was born.

We started working with Fat Dog Productions in 2008 for all of our voice over and audio work. In 2013 we were asked to help them rebrand Fat Dog Productions, and a few years later, helped them name and brand the Music Factory. As we are still closely linked and continue to help them with video projects, photography and design for their events and self-promotional initiatives.


Branding / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design / Naming / Print / Photography / Video

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